• Aaj Tak Call Girl News in Lucknow Viral Short Video

    India's most-watched Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak, did a story on India's Lucknow where the press appeared not to hear or care about.

    This short viral video provides a different perspective from that of other press. The journalist, Monikadas is heard shouting ‘Call Girl' in the noisy atmosphere of busy Lucknow market place. In the discussion portion today's episode delivers clear insight into what repercussion journalism can provide us and what story should be highlight for today.


    Aaj Tak Call Girl Nnewspaper's viral short video on the surge of “Lucknow Aaj Tak Call Girls” is informative and shares the latest happenings happening in India. The photojournalism series covers topics such as how women in Kerala are finding cheaper alternatives, place where girls are promiscuous, a role reversal

    The female reporter in this video is smart and sharp. It would be interesting to see the detail work appearing at public places with focusing on local stories or industries. For a recently ranked 201st country, India has its share of scandals, but it's important for a media outlet for spread awareness about certain topics to remain relevant...


    The current world has a high level of distrust in news. People are willing, but are never sure if the news will be on their side or not. This can have an impact on public perception in countries where media is strictly censored, as well as detrimental effects on developing countries.

    The tainted Aaj Tak story related to a Sindhi girl who entered Lucknow had kicked up outrage across the country with many people questioning if lies of media organizations would add to growing threat to the people's trust in reporter-publisher relationship, creating such skepticism and fear in honest & seething India that society is asleep at the wheel today--and any respectable and conformable media will find it nearly impossible for their coverages to reach far beyond their peers

    Reputable reporters always try new stories before publishing them. With AI writing assistant they can generate content ideas while engaging with journalists prior to publications. Versatile reporters are also able to take inputs from AI writers without getting time wasted or other team members

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